Friday, January 1, 2016

Spencer W. Kimball on the path to a more abundant life

President Spencer W. Kimball (1895-1985) was ordained an apostle in 1943 and served as President of the Church from 1973 to 1985.
"You will find that the more you reflect upon what must be done to have a richer and more abundant life, the more you will be led back to central considerations that are contained in the messages of the Master. If we follow in his footsteps, we can live by faith rather than by fear. If we can share his perspective about people, we can love them, serve them, and reach out to them—rather than feeling anxious and threatened by others.
"During youth and young maturity time flies with great speed. To travel listlessly is just futile. One should have a destination and a goal to reach. One should determine what he wants out of life and then bend every effort toward reaching that goal. He must realize that life is more than meat and drink and fun and fortune. However, it is often easy for young people to follow the line of least resistance and to be found to be 'even as chaff is driven before the wind, or as a vessel is tossed about upon the waves, without sail or anchor, or without anything wherewith to steer her.' (Morm. 5:18.)"
- Spencer W. Kimball, "The Abundant Life," address given at Weber State College, Ogden, UT on Nov 4, 1977; see Ensign, July 1978 pp. 2-7
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I love President Kimball's teachings. He was the prophet of my youth, and his kind and gentle manner always spoke to my soul as much as his words. There was a sense that he truly knew about "the abundant life," a topic he addressed on several occasions. Here, he teaches that abundance comes only through following the message and example of the Savior, in learning to love, serve, and reach out to others:

What a beautiful promise! If I would have a life that is richer and more full, I must make a greater effort to love and serve my fellowman. And President Kimball suggests that we must set goals if we are to achieve progress in this, and any other, area. If we don't, we "follow the line of least resistance" to a life that is far from ideal, and is in fact directed by the adversary (see Mormon 5:17-18).

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