Saturday, February 20, 2016

L. Tom Perry on dealing with challenges in life

Elder L. Tom Perry (1922-2015) was called as an Assistant to the Twelve in 1972, then as a member of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles in 1974. At the time of his passing at age 92, he was the oldest living general authority and the third in seniority among the leading quorum.
"The Lord is very kind. Even though some experiences are hard, he floods your mind with memories and gives you other opportunities. Life doesn’t end just because you have a tragedy—there’s a new mountain to climb. Don’t spend a lot of time sulking over what you’ve lost. Get on with climbing the next mountain."
- L. Tom Perry, remarks in his online biography responding to challenges in his own life
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This is a wonderful short quote, full of faith and hope, along with the beautiful imagery of mountains (especially meaningful to me personally!).  Elder Perry shared this in the context of having his first wife pass away from cancer and losing other close family members. All of us have experiences from time to time that are hard to deal with. But if we truly trust in God, He will "flood [our] mind with memories" and bless us with new opportunities. Sometimes it's that new opportunity, following the trial, that is the greatest blessing. We just have to keep climbing the mountains that appear before us!

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