Friday, August 25, 2017

Elder M. Russell Ballard on resisting the world's attacks on families

Elder M. Russell Ballard (born October 8, 1928) was called as a Seventy in 1976, and has served as a member of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles since 1985.
"Brothers and sisters, the most important cause of our lifetime is our families. If we will devote ourselves to this cause, we will improve every other aspect of our lives and will become, as a people and as a church, an example and a beacon for all peoples of the earth.
"But this is not easy in a world where hearts are turning in many directions and where the whole planet seems to be constantly moving and changing at a pace never before imagined. Nothing stays the same for long. Styles, trends, fads, political correctness, and even perceptions of right and wrong shift and move. As the prophet Isaiah predicted, wrong is portrayed as right and right as wrong (see Isaiah 5:20).
"The spiritual divide gets even wider as evil becomes ever more deceptive and subtle and pulls people toward it like a dark magnet—even as the gospel of truth and light attracts the honest in heart and the honorable of the earth, who seek what is moral and good....
"The Church is a mooring in this tempestuous sea, an anchor in the churning waters of change and division, and a beacon to those who value and seek righteousness. The Lord uses this Church as a tool in pulling His children throughout the world toward the protection of His gospel."
- M. Russell Ballard, "That the Lost May Be Found," General Conference, April 2012
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It would be an interesting survey to ask people what they consider "the most important cause of our lifetime." In recent years, the emphasis of the Church has been strong in defense of the family and traditional values related to it. As the family continues to come under attack, that emphasis will continue. As Elder Ballard states, "If we will devote ourselves to this cause, we will improve every other aspect of our lives."

So as the world and the influence of the adversary in it continue to shift and detract from what is of eternal value and importance, we must recognize the danger and seek for safety and calm amidst the storms:

Through the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and particularly His Atonement on our behalf, we can be given that mooring or anchor to help us ride out the storms and come home to the safe harbor of His peace.

(Compilation and commentary by David Kenison, Orem, Utah, 2017)

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