Saturday, April 17, 2021

Elder Ronald A. Rasband on understanding miracles from God

Elder Ronald A. Rasband (born February 6, 1951) served as a Seventy beginning in 2000.  He was the senior president of the Seventy when he was called to the Quorum of Twelve Apostles in October 2015.

"Miracles, signs, and wonders abound among followers of Jesus Christ today, in your lives and in mine. Miracles are divine acts, manifestations and expressions of God’s limitless power, and an affirmation that He is 'the same yesterday, today, and forever' (Moroni 10:19). Jesus Christ, who created the seas, can calm them; He who gave sight to the blind can lift our sights to heaven; He who cleansed the lepers can mend our infirmities; He who healed the impotent man can call for us to rise up with 'Come, follow me' (Luke 18:22).

"Many of you have witnessed miracles, more than you realize. They may seem small in comparison to Jesus raising the dead. But the magnitude does not distinguish a miracle, only that it came from God. Some suggest that miracles are simply coincidences or sheer luck. But the prophet Nephi condemned those who would 'put down the power and miracles of God, and preach up unto themselves their own wisdom and their own learning, that they may get gain' (2 Ne 26:20).

"Miracles are wrought by divine power by Him who is 'mighty to save' (D&C 133:47). Miracles are extensions of God’s eternal plan; miracles are a lifeline from heaven to earth."

- Ronald A. Rasband, "Behold! I Am a God of Miracles," General Conference April 2021 Sunday afternoon

It's good to be reminded that we live in a time of "miracles, signs, and wonders" that always accompany true followers of Jesus Christ. Understanding the nature of miracles will help us see them more frequently in our lives. Elder Rasband offered a wonderful review and reminder.

It is quite easy to "dismiss" miracles or overlook them entirely if we are not spiritually attentive. We can "explain away" the influence of God, and many in the world strive to do this. We can also overlook His hand in our lives; Elder Rasband warns that most of us "have witnessed miracles, more than you realize." I think God is displeased when we fail to acknowledge His influence! Truly, we should learn to recognize it, and to amplify its presence in our daily lives.
(Compilation and commentary by David Kenison, Orem, Utah, 2020)

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